Escape Reality in the New Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape is an automobile enthusiast's dream because it serves so many purposes. This crossover has head-turning looks, and it can seat up to five individuals. The vehicle's exterior has been redesigned for better aesthetics, but let's see what the Escape offers in the technology department.

The new Ford Escape comes equipped with cutting-edge technologies. To start things off, you and your passengers can surf the web via 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Up to 10 devices can connect at the same time. In addition to that, the Wi-Fi hotspot can be detected from up to 50 feet away. To get the best possible routes while traveling, WAZE innovation has been built into the vehicle's navigation system. All of this valuable information can be seen on the available touchscreen display that's sits on top of the center dash.

We would love for all crossover enthusiasts to visit our showroom today for a free test drive.

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